Product Information

Making JABAL Breads

All of our manufacturing plant has been imported from Lebanon to ensure the production follows authentic bread making practices. After the fresh ingredients are mixed the bread is sent on an automated journey of cutting, proving, squashing, shaping and finally if that doesn’t sound brutal enough seared in a brick cave oven for 28 seconds then skis onto  a cooling conveyor as it goes on a ‘cool 100 metre’ journey to the JABAL packers. The product is hand packed as this ensures the best quality bread, the product is checked for shape, size, colour and any irregularities, and if it is not up to JABAL standard it is discarded to our recycle bin. 
All bread product seconds and returns from supermarkets are recycled to local fish chicken and pig farmers to ensure we output minimum monthly rubbish.
Keeping JABAL Breads Fresh
All of our products are best eaten fresh, but it will keep in its plastic bag for up to 7 days. Because we do not use any preservatives or emulsifiers it is best if you are not going to eat the bread on the day to pop it in the freezer. It is quick to defrost and will bounce back to freshness within 15 minutes or so. If you wish the bread to be soft, place it in the microwave for 10 seconds or hold over a steaming jug.
We hope you love the products as much as we do. If you have trouble finding our products or want to send your favourite recipe in we would love to hear from you.